Ahhh…Summer. Lovely weather so far, and loads of time at work. Art Camps at Petaluma Arts Center, Art Escape in Sonoma and Spring Hill Academy were fantastic: great kids making great art. Loads of photos to share on Instagram @wardworksart. 

Healdsburg Farmers Market is a new adventure for me this summer. It's warmer there... but great people, lovely vendors and a load of fun for me.  I met the buyer from the Kennedy Ctr in DC. My work is now at the Kennedy Center for Performing Arts featured in the Gift Shop, The Color Purple Collection. I couldn't be more pleased.  Some purple artwork to quell the airs of Washington DC.  These art pieces  are celebrating the strong women in the story: Celie, Shug, Sofia, Nettie and Squeak.  If you are in the DC area, please see "The Color Purple" and stop in at the gift shop at the Kennedy. I'm still floating in a jewelry high on this.  

Back to reality and Giants baseball, I'm making the Orange & Black again to help cheer on my favorite team. Thanks to Mick and Jennifer Sanders for the tickets, we had fun, next game they Win!

I'm reintroducing a few things from the past, my new/old designs from five years ago were so cool, I'm making a "RETRO DENISE" series this summer with a few choice designs. This got sparked off by an email from my friend Louise who now lives in Ireland. A lost earring sent me looking a photos of 5 years back and whoa...I love some of those one-of-a-kind designs. Never the same, just riffing on my own themes. With a new Klimt exhibit in Paris (can view on Youtube) I fell back into Klimt's colors: this theme is Tannenwald Forest, all orange, purple, golds and greens. 

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"Celie's Jazz", now featured in the Gift Shop at The Kennedy Center for Performing Arts.