Spring Has Come, Finally....


With the favorable weather, I'm back to working on the old deck, out of doors.  My yard partners are singing, mating and finding all those aphids in the Dinosaur kale. Bird life is strong in this backyard!  The new work is going great and should appear on the website by the end of the week, the 19th to be precise, after taxes and the preparation for the Open House Art Show at my school.  We have made some amazing art this Spring and will show off all the beauty on the Instagram account, #wardworksart, if you have a hankering to see it.

With Giants baseball in full swing, my friend Peter D has graciously given us a few games, and it was fabulous to be back in the park. We won, we lost, it's still so early in the season... Warriors were in full form last night, taking the 1st of the playoffs.  Those guys from San Antonio are a serious bunch and I love their coach, lotta respect between these teams.  I wish both teams the best, even if I lean a little toward the Blue & Gold Warriors, Deedee, remember I said this, so we can enjoy our family life! 

My newest work holds some new and interesting designs, and I look forward to finishing, but those tax papers and numbers and forms are due on the 17th!!  Art show preparations, house cleaning, what to wear to school, lunches....... I guess I'm lucky to have this life.

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