Cuff links, Music and Fun!


I spend a bit of time working, everyday, 7 days a week. 60+ hours on average. It is the love of work that I can do this. So once in a while, I play: Jazz Mafia’s Heaviest Feather with the Ladies of Hip Hop, SF Jazz Monday Night Band, Marin Theatre Production of The Wickhams: Christmas at Pemberley. I can get enough music for the season at SF Jazz shows Joey Alexander and the Ellington Nutcracker with the Marcus Shelby Orchestra.

I’ve been inspired by the celebration of the holiday season this year. Last weekend at Hotel Petaluma, I worked both craft shows. Spending two days at the place, I got to observe the visitors to their annual Gingerbread House event. It was beautiful: families, couples, young and old enjoying the place, on the sleigh, in the cozy lobby and posing in front of their fabulous Christmas tree. The snow was simply the most fun for the kids, and maybe the hot chocolate. For a few days, and maybe this season, Hotel Petaluma felt like the Heart of Petaluma. To Dustin, Shannon and the staff at Hotel Petaluma, Happy Holidays and thank you for your lovely place.

As the days get closer, I’ve been getting crazy busy and just finished new cufflinks, pendants and earrings to post later today. I think the work gets better as time goes by.

Wishing you all a very Merry and Happy Holiday season and a great New Year. Chaos is a two face view and to embrace the chaos makes change and order and disorder possible. They call it the butterfly effect. Small ideas, motion, creativity have an effect. You are the change you seek.

An on that note, the best to you all,

Love Denise