New Adventures, End of a Great School Year, Warriors Playoffs, Art Camps


Jewelry Art Camps with Denise Ward -  PETALUMA, SONOMA, NAPA 

June 4-7  M-Th, 9-3pm  Petaluma Arts Center 230 Lakeville Street, Petaluma

Register:  www.petalumaartscenter.org, or call 707-762-5600   $225, includes material fee

June 11-14, M-Th, 9-3pm  Napa Valley College 2277 Napa Vallejo Highway, Napa                   

Visual Arts Center Room 3716, Napa Valley College, Napa, Class #73926                    UVC_StHelena@napavalley.edu  707-967-2901, $225, includes material fee

June 18-22  10-3    Art Escape  17474 Sonoma Highway, Sonoma    

https://artescapesonoma.com, 707-938-5551

July 9-13 Spring Hill Montessori, 825 Middlefield Drive, Petaluma  707-763-9222


It has been a wonderful cool Spring, my peonies are opening and I am enjoying the weather. Cool enough in late May to wear a jacket in the afternoon.                                                           

Echium candicans, Pride of Madeira, my backyard giants!

Echium candicans, Pride of Madeira, my backyard giants!

 I'm sad this time of the year, saying goodbye to the many young faces at school, and realizing that time is fleeting, the kids are growing and changing everyday.  It was a year filled with Impressionism, self-portraits, jellyfish, new art tools to conquer, the celebration of Women Artists and the end of the year field trip with Fourth grade to SF Museum of Modern Art. We had a great time, looking at Louise Bourgoise spiders, and enjoying the large hollow form by Richard Serra.  I learn something every time I work with the kids. Their tenacity, fearlessness and joy makes it all worthwhile.                                                                    


Well, we that live in the Bay Area are lucky. I get to visit San Francisco, usher at SF Jazz Center, my home away from home. I met Carol C. a friend of Yvonne Y. at the Lizz Wright Mother's Day concert. Lovely to make new friends. We have a wonder in the Warriors making to the playoffs again this year.  With a bunch of luck, we will get to the finals. Those pesky Houston Rockets are a force and it will not be easy, but worthy of the efforts my fellas will make to win.Have a great Spring...Summer's just around the bend.. Denise

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