A New Store Location, A New Website Design


Cathie Griggs, owner of The Depot at Muir Station has new jewelry for her store, WardWorksArt! I met Cathie last year in Healdsburg and we were friends from that moment. She’s been an avid customer and decided this week to purchase a lot of jewelry for her new store. If you are in the area, please stop in, a wonderful host and lots of jewelry to choose from.

Spring is bouncing in, my freesias are nearly popping with about 50 new flower stems and the fruit trees are full of blooms and early fruits babies. Spring, spring cleaning, taxes, school projects at two schools, March Madness in the NBA and heck, I’m just busy……

I’m also creating a new website design. It’s been a year and the hiccups in the site pushes me forward. Easy to see, easier to purchase and simply, easier for all.

Lots of new work in the mix. Will load up this website as they are completed.

Happy Spring Folks! -Denise