March, Women's History Month and the Greatness of Women


March, the celebration month of women. As if we are around all months of the year.

I am designing my Sheroes! Collection around the great women artists, family and friends who have shaped my life. As I create these earrings, necklaces and pendants, I reflect on the great ladies whose contribution to the world and to the best of our days as humans. I reach for the heroic, mythical and the true heroines. My mother Zelma is the greatest influence in my life. A beautiful intelligent woman whose children felt that were all “the special child” for her.

My sisters, aunts and cousins and friends are women who are brilliant, beautiful, funny and always inspiring. The women who are my clients, I include you in this group, because I’m lucky enough to meet the wonderful people who like my work. I am forever grateful for all these blessings.

Happy Women’s History Month, because every month is Women’s History Month, we’re making things happen everyday.

Jewelry Class with Denise Ward

Egyptian Rings and Bracelets Jewelry Class at Petaluma Arts Center

(click on Jewelry Class for link to PAC)

Sunday, March 24, 2019 $115/PAC members, $125/non-members

The original amazing ancient rings are on view at The Louvre in Paris and The Met in New York. A simple design, the rings are beautiful and made to measure. Students will file, sand and size metals, select stones and create beautiful rings.  The bracelets in copper will be filed and sanded and stamped designs applied. All tools and materials are provided by instructor. A light vegetarian lunch will also be provided. 

18+ Adults Seniors        Time: 10:00-2:00