Stepping into Another Great Year! 2018, Year of the Dog!




Looking forward to WardWorksArt and the best year ever! With the new groups, new designs and some riffs on the past I want to have a fabulous time creating jewelry just for you.                       

This year has a new collection of earrings: SHEROES!, a group of earrings inspired by the women I admire and love. Thank you all for making my world so great. When I looked into the meaning of Sheroes, I look at this to mean She rose, she is uplifted, she rises.....

And introducing the colors and shapes of my favorite artists: Salvador Dali's abstraction, the tones of Samella Lewis, and the colors of Gustav Klimt. Welcome to my color world.

Looking forward to the collective change in the world, we are the people who make the world go around, we can effect the changes needed to thrive and succeed in claiming our choices. Get busy, don't waste time, be kind and love well. Pendulums swing both ways.

Wishing you the best of the New Year! - Denise