Cuff links, Music and Fun!


I spend a bit of time working, everyday, 7 days a week. 60+ hours on average. It is the love of work that I can do this. So once in a while, I play: Jazz Mafia’s Heaviest Feather with the Ladies of Hip Hop, SF Jazz Monday Night Band, Marin Theatre Production of The Wickhams: Christmas at Pemberley. I can get enough music for the season at SF Jazz shows Joey Alexander and the Ellington Nutcracker with the Marcus Shelby Orchestra.

I’ve been inspired by the celebration of the holiday season this year. Last weekend at Hotel Petaluma, I worked both craft shows. Spending two days at the place, I got to observe the visitors to their annual Gingerbread House event. It was beautiful: families, couples, young and old enjoying the place, on the sleigh, in the cozy lobby and posing in front of their fabulous Christmas tree. The snow was simply the most fun for the kids, and maybe the hot chocolate. For a few days, and maybe this season, Hotel Petaluma felt like the Heart of Petaluma. To Dustin, Shannon and the staff at Hotel Petaluma, Happy Holidays and thank you for your lovely place.

As the days get closer, I’ve been getting crazy busy and just finished new cufflinks, pendants and earrings to post later today. I think the work gets better as time goes by.

Wishing you all a very Merry and Happy Holiday season and a great New Year. Chaos is a two face view and to embrace the chaos makes change and order and disorder possible. They call it the butterfly effect. Small ideas, motion, creativity have an effect. You are the change you seek.

An on that note, the best to you all,

Love Denise

Thank You Holiday Pals!


This quick holiday season has begun and with a wonderful flurry. I’m busy today removing all the sold items from the website and adding new work as quickly as I can. I want to thank my friends, family and visitors who purchased jewelry treasure from me this month. And today is only December 3rd!! Love you, Denise

Here are my holiday locations for the next few weeks:

Hotel Petaluma’s Brooklyn Boardroom

205 Kentucky Street 

Petaluma Handmade Saturday December 8th 10am-8pm

Holiday Craft Boutique Sunday December 9th 12pm-5pm

Santa Rosa Original Farmers Market Holiday Crafts 

December 1, 8, 15, 22, 29

DISCOUNTS: ONLINE Discount 10% www.wardworksart.com 

Promo codes: FAMILY&FRIENDS, FREESHIPPING (everyday!)

DISCOUNT IN PERSON: Buy 4, get 1 free!



Holiday Events: Healdsburg Farmers Market November 24

Windrush Farm Holiday Fair December 2, https://windrushfarm.wordpress.com

Hotel Petaluma’s Brooklyn Boardroom

205 Kentucky Street 

Petaluma Handmade Saturday December 8th 10am-8pm

Holiday Craft Boutique Sunday December 9th 12pm-5pm

Santa Rosa Original Farmers Market Holiday Crafts 

December 1, 8, 15, 22, 29

DISCOUNTS: ONLINE Discount 10% www.wardworksart.com 

Promo codes: FAMILY&FRIENDS, FREESHIPPING (everyday!)

DISCOUNT IN PERSON: Buy 4, get 1 free!

Abundance, Happiness and Good Tidings


A few days before the elections and I’m giddy with the prospect of things being different in the world. I have the belief that goodness comes to save us from evil, and we rise above the dark clouds of injustice everyday to continue doing good things. VOTE.


I have made the best work of my life this last month. New projects include the cufflinks for The Kennedy Center in D.C. which has sparked a men’s line of jewelry. Designing my own posts for earrings in niobium, a real plus for the post earring ladies. New designs are flowing, better work than ever.


I start each day thinking this is the best day I will ever have. It’s so short, this life and time is so valuable. Use it wisely.

Good Tidings:

Oh so many holidays are approaching and I am fortunate to be a part of some of the Farmers Markets in Sonoma County. Look for WardWorksArt at Healdsburg Farmers Market all 4 Saturdays in November at West Plaza Parking Lot, North and Vine Streets, one block west of the Plaza.
8:30-noon. The Santa Rosa Original Farmers Market at 50 Mark West Springs Rd, Santa Rosa all Saturdays in December.

I am wishing you well, hoping you vote your convictions, take kids and old people to polling places and change our world for the better: to be inclusive, loving and strong.


The Holiday Season 2018


Where you can find WardWorksArt jewelry this holiday season!

Farmers Markets

Healdsburg Farmers Market, HOLIDAY CRAFTS FAIR, November 3, 10, 17, 24

West Plaza Parking Lot
North and Vine Streets,
one block west of the Plaza.
open rain or shine


The Santa Rosa Original Certified Farmers Market, Crafts are year round, rain or shine

50 Mark West Springs Road
Santa Rosa, CA 95403 

The Santa Rosa Original Certified Farmers Market is held every Wednesday and Saturday from 8;30 til 1, year round, at the Luther Burbank Center for the Arts.

Santa Rosa Original Certified Farmers Market

The Holiday Crafts Fair at Hotel Petaluma

December 9, 10-4pm

205 Kentucky Street, Petaluma, California 94952


Warriors!!!! The Kennedy Center The Fall and Thank You!

 “Musical Landscapes” my new cufflink design at The Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts.

“Musical Landscapes” my new cufflink design at The Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts.

Warriors!!!! The Kennedy Center The Best Time of the Year

October 19, 2018DENISE WARD

The Warriors opening week has been so exciting, beating the Utah Jazz for their first meeting this year in a comeback that made people cry. What does that have to do with jewelry? Well…some of the best ideas happen during Warriors games: a one piece niobium post, cufflinks, and cool new holiday packaging for my online shipping. I listen to the games on radio waves. Gets the brain flowing.

So happy to announce a second jewelry project for The Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts. I’ve just sent out the most beautiful cufflinks and a special group of earrings designed exclusively for The Kennedy Center. I am honored to be a jeweler working with the lovely people at KCFPA. I also have new work at Marin Museum of Contemporary Art in their gift store.

And yes, the holidays are coming. I’m working about 70 hours every week until there is enough. The old saying in the restaurant trade is to work 7 days a week for three years and you will find yourself too successful to only work 6 days. This is the best job I’ve ever had, the hardest job, and the most fun, illuminating, and fulfilling. I am happier working now than I have ever been. And the work is a joy. The clients that wear the art are special people, it’s just a love fest.

I want to thank all the women and men who took the time to look, to stop by my booth for a chat, and shop the website to purchase my art. It has been my pleasure to work for you.

Happy Autumn, VOTE!!




What a Winning Fall!


Yesterday was another fabulous pre-Fall day. I saw Joey DeFrancesco Trio, Tammy Hall, and Jane Bennett and Maqueque - an all women’s jazz group at SF Jazz Center. What a spectacular evening and I had a chance to visit with Eddie and Mad Duran, old friends and really great musicians.

I also had the opportunity to have my jewelry now in Oakland at HARPER GREER. This store has been a favorite of mine since they opened 30 years ago. Really beautiful, colorful and playful clothing for real women. Sizes from 8 to 24, they can meet most women’s needs and wants. If I could, I would only be clothed in their great clothing. It was a pleasure to reconnect, I’ve owned their clothing since they were located South of Market. Look for the announcement about their new store opening later this year in Lafayette.

With a deadline of work for The Kennedy Center for Performing Arts, and other good obligations, I am in a work whirlwind, and loving every minute of it.

Please register to vote. You have the right to having your voice heard through choice made clear. Vote.

One more day until my favorite season, Autumn!

Cheers! D

PROMO CODES and other notes..


My free shipping PROMO CODE is FREESHIPPING. It’s just that simple.

What are the wires on the earrings? I use niobium ear wires.

Niobium, formerly known as columbium, is a chemical element with symbol Nb (formerly Cb) and atomic number 41. The name comes from Niobe from Greek mythology, who was the daughter of king Tantalus. This was chosen because of niobium's chemical similarity to tantalum. It's also one of the most inert metals, making niobium an ideal hypoallergenic jewelry material for those who have more sensitive skin.


September....The New Season!


Today was a wonderful blustery day with sun shining and lovely people walking around Healdsburg Square. Just around the corner: Hopscotch Gifts and Gallery, a wonderful place to wander, touch, be amazed and purchase amazing fine art and gifts. It’s my new home, you can look for WardWorksArt, now at Hopscotch. If you are in Healdsburg visiting or live in the area, please stop in, well worth the time.

August was so awesome. Jewelry at The Kennedy Center for Performing Arts, Persimmon in Berkeley and Marin Museum of Contemporary Art. WardWorksArt is rockin’ at all these locations. The month of September begins a new series of work in brooches, more designs in the Klimt Collection and new work in the “Dali Landscapes”. Salvador Dali, on of my favorites has become a muse to start the new season of jewelry. I’m working on a new group of earrings for The Kennedy, “THE SINGERS” and will preview these ladies at the end of the month.

With all these new locations and special orders, I’m working everyday creating new color combinations, new design. I’m truly grateful for all the wonderful new customers enjoying the art. I thank you for loving the work and supporting a Sonoma County gal. I love this job!



Ahhh…Summer. Lovely weather so far, and loads of time at work. Art Camps at Petaluma Arts Center and Art Escape in Sonoma were fantastic: great kids making great art. Loads of photos to share on Instagram @wardworksart. Wanted to make a transition of the raw to the finished in this blog and

New Adventures, End of a Great School Year, Warriors Playoffs, Art Camps


Jewelry Art Camps with Denise Ward -  PETALUMA, SONOMA, NAPA 

June 4-7  M-Th, 9-3pm  Petaluma Arts Center 230 Lakeville Street, Petaluma

Register:  www.petalumaartscenter.org, or call 707-762-5600   $225, includes material fee

June 11-14, M-Th, 9-3pm  Napa Valley College 2277 Napa Vallejo Highway, Napa                   

Visual Arts Center Room 3716, Napa Valley College, Napa, Class #73926                    UVC_StHelena@napavalley.edu  707-967-2901, $225, includes material fee

June 18-22  10-3    Art Escape  17474 Sonoma Highway, Sonoma    

https://artescapesonoma.com, 707-938-5551

July 9-13 Spring Hill Montessori, 825 Middlefield Drive, Petaluma  707-763-9222


It has been a wonderful cool Spring, my peonies are opening and I am enjoying the weather. Cool enough in late May to wear a jacket in the afternoon.                                                           

 Echium candicans, Pride of Madeira, my backyard giants!

Echium candicans, Pride of Madeira, my backyard giants!

 I'm sad this time of the year, saying goodbye to the many young faces at school, and realizing that time is fleeting, the kids are growing and changing everyday.  It was a year filled with Impressionism, self-portraits, jellyfish, new art tools to conquer, the celebration of Women Artists and the end of the year field trip with Fourth grade to SF Museum of Modern Art. We had a great time, looking at Louise Bourgoise spiders, and enjoying the large hollow form by Richard Serra.  I learn something every time I work with the kids. Their tenacity, fearlessness and joy makes it all worthwhile.                                                                    


Well, we that live in the Bay Area are lucky. I get to visit San Francisco, usher at SF Jazz Center, my home away from home. I met Carol C. a friend of Yvonne Y. at the Lizz Wright Mother's Day concert. Lovely to make new friends. We have a wonder in the Warriors making to the playoffs again this year.  With a bunch of luck, we will get to the finals. Those pesky Houston Rockets are a force and it will not be easy, but worthy of the efforts my fellas will make to win.Have a great Spring...Summer's just around the bend.. Denise

PROMO CODE: FREE SHIPPING.  Free shipping on all orders for U.S. orders. 

Spring Has Come, Finally....


With the favorable weather, I'm back to working on the old deck, out of doors.  My yard partners are singing, mating and finding all those aphids in the Dinosaur kale. Bird life is strong in this backyard!  The new work is going great and should appear on the website by the end of the week, the 19th to be precise, after taxes and the preparation for the Open House Art Show at my school.  We have made some amazing art this Spring and will show off all the beauty on the Instagram account, #wardworksart, if you have a hankering to see it.

With Giants baseball in full swing, my friend Peter D has graciously given us a few games, and it was fabulous to be back in the park. We won, we lost, it's still so early in the season... Warriors were in full form last night, taking the 1st of the playoffs.  Those guys from San Antonio are a serious bunch and I love their coach, lotta respect between these teams.  I wish both teams the best, even if I lean a little toward the Blue & Gold Warriors, Deedee, remember I said this, so we can enjoy our family life! 

My newest work holds some new and interesting designs, and I look forward to finishing, but those tax papers and numbers and forms are due on the 17th!!  Art show preparations, house cleaning, what to wear to school, lunches....... I guess I'm lucky to have this life.

Remember: FREESHIPPING, on all orders now! Promocode: FREESHIPPING


Women's History Month, What a Great Time I've Had


School sessions started the end of February and we are celebrating Women Artists. My first grade classes are creating the Caves of Lascaux, all browns and pastels and wild animals. TK and kindergarten are celebrating the art of Faith Ringgold, Maya Angelou and Harriet Powers, three fabulous African American women artists.  Second grade is celebrating the flower art of Georgia O'Keeffe and Louise Bourgois----metal art, creepy spiders!!  Third grade has been working in O'Keeffe and will drift into Louise Bourgois next week. Fourth graders are living in the palette of Cordelia Urueta, a fabulous colorist from Mexico.  And my fifth graders are such great artists, we have been together for four years and their attention to detail and textures is just a treat to see.

 I love teaching kids art: visual thinking, creating ideas, a love for color and design and just pictures to look at. It is my form of revolution, to learn to be creative in yourself, use the tools around you and make your version, your vision of art. These people will be the movers and creators when I am very old, and I like where they are going.

I want to thank you all for such a great month, I just removed half of my website items because they were SOLD!!! You are such wonderful women, and men for supporting my art. I couldn't exist without you! ~ Denise

This picture is one of my second grade artists' work, our theme, "Flowers of Our Imagination".  Amazing!!


Celebrate The History of My Family in America



My great-grandfather was a sharecropper in Texas.  My great-grandmother was part Apache. My mother built airplanes in World War 2 and could repair just about anything. My father was career military and went on to work for the government another 25 years. My cousins are professionals, ministers, actors, hard working and fun. My siblings are strong, resilient and loved by me. 

In Celebration of Black History Month, I offer a discount of 20% on all designs through February 28th!   Free shipping too!

Celebrate and listen to Billy Holiday, Quincy Jones interview in GQ, watch a new movie called "Black Panther", and enjoy the richness of an American culture that effects science, medicine, technology, the arts, and the ordinary world.  Celebrate Black History everyday, Celebrate Humanity everyday. ~ Denise



Early Peach Blossoms, Warriors Basketball, Kids Making Art

 Egyptian Collar Necklace

Egyptian Collar Necklace

Winter is such an interesting season: days growing longer, my orchid blooming, my kids at school making great art, Warriors are rolling along in great basketball strides AND Pitchers and Catchers report in 5 weeks for Giants baseball.  

Starting fresh with the coming year, January gets things done: loads of new designs are flowing and I can't wait for you to see them.  January also has the Women's March. It was especially great to see young women all over the country standing up for their place in this country. Strong voices, and real concerns. The Bay Area marches were great, glad to participate in San Francisco.

Kids at school making art, we are working on beautiful Egyptian collar necklaces.  I am always amazed at their fearlessness when we start new projects. The are so capable and enthusiastic as they learn new jewelry techniques. I learn something new every week. Our projects are JEWELRY OF THE ANTIQUITIES: Egyptian, Roman, Mesopotamian, Greek, Irish and African designs. Simple and intricate, the students make all their own parts, as if they were using tools available thousands of years ago.  I love this group!

I hope you are doing things that inspire you. It makes life richer.  Denise

Stepping into Another Great Year! 2018, Year of the Dog!




Looking forward to WardWorksArt and the best year ever! With the new groups, new designs and some riffs on the past I want to have a fabulous time creating jewelry just for you.                       

This year has a new collection of earrings: SHEROES!, a group of earrings inspired by the women I admire and love. Thank you all for making my world so great. When I looked into the meaning of Sheroes, I look at this to mean She rose, she is uplifted, she rises.....

And introducing the colors and shapes of my favorite artists: Salvador Dali's abstraction, the tones of Samella Lewis, and the colors of Gustav Klimt. Welcome to my color world.

Looking forward to the collective change in the world, we are the people who make the world go around, we can effect the changes needed to thrive and succeed in claiming our choices. Get busy, don't waste time, be kind and love well. Pendulums swing both ways.

Wishing you the best of the New Year! - Denise