My Favorite Season, Just Around the Corner!

Fall is the best time of the year: hot days and cool nights, baseball playoffs (in a good year for the SF Giants), the Warriors are back in action and the fall harvest. I am excited for the new work. In the midst of jewelry is the new kinetic sculptures I’ve been working on all summer. A new wave of design and shapes are marking my days and I am in love with the results. I will properly launch in the next few weeks in the new page just designed as a place holder on the website.

New jewelry designs are flowing forward like I never dreamed. Since leaving the art instruction gig, I have all the time to create the art I can. Working a seven day - 60 hour week has never been more fun, it’s all I’ve ever wished for.

I hope we are all reconsidering our options on the daily use of things. The world is always a little more chaos than we can understand, but we can all do our share in using less. I make my art in materials that are recycleable materials: aluminum is one of the most recycled materials and I was gifted loads of sheet metal from a metal company. I order less and less materials, riffing on the scrap metals of other projects. Plastic is forbidden in this household, and my vegetarian days are looming, just a little diet readjustments should be possible. Instead of recycling, just use less, buy in bulk-loads of stores have bulk items now, bring all your own bags! including the needed plastic bags you already have. Wash bags, reuse!

Enough of the planetary ruminations, I hope you are all well and looking forward to great tomatoes, zucchini bread and a wonderful Autumn season.

Loving this time in my life! Denise