New Beginnings, WardWorksArt new website

Welcome Home

Welcome to my new website at WardWorksArt.  My former website was fabulous, created by two really great women, Maria Gistrand of Kyss Design and Nikki Jacobson.  Time to make some changes, and the leap-forward nature of the internet makes all of us move forward. 

I begin the new year with enthusiasm for new work.  Creating new jewelry designs happen everyday, either making or sketching new ideas.  I'm now working in new materials - poly clay and my new current obsessions are with the color world of Gustav Klimt and surfers at Ocean Beach.  

Looking forward to Spring, will be with classes at my favorite elementary school, Giants baseball, spending time with my guys Bob and son Zappa, Warriors basketball, SF Jazz concerts, and longer warmer days for working on my deck studio outside.

I make wonderful jewelry for many kinds of women. It was a pleasure to share 25 pairs at the San Francisco Women's March on January 21st. This series has just begun simply stated, "OH HELL NO" earrings.   We've come along way, and we are never going back to second class status.  We contribute so much to worldwide societies, in every aspect of work, science, medicine, technology, the arts and just tending future citizens who will become the people who can make the world a better place for us all. It was amazing to see over 670 countries participate in a peaceful day of resistance.

Community, collaboration, kindness for strangers, we can all make an effort to keep our world together.  And together, we will continue to be the best we can be, nothing can hold us back!

Peace,  Denise Ward