Frequently Asked Questions



Uniquely Yours. I design each piece, each set of earrings as one-of-a-kind designs.  It gives me pleasure to create new and distinctive designs each time I work. This keeps the ideas fresh, designs flow easily and I have a load of fun making jewelry. Each pair is design with women in mind, some are actually named after my favorites: Zelma, my mom, Queen Latifah, Mma. Ramotswe, The Mermaids, Surfer Girls, and My Super Heroines, SHEROES!.  I create for you and I thank you for supporting my artwork.

What is niobium? The ear wires used with earring designs is niobium, a superconductive metal, Nb on Periodic table, #41.  It is perfectly hypoallergenic, it does not corrode or irritate, so it's safe to wear for all!

Does your jewelry come in a clip-on earring? Yes, I can make a design to accommodate the clip-on earring. An additional $5.00 must be added to the order, these findings are expensive but can be done.

Can you make another earring, I've lost mine! Yes, I can make another earring. It will depend on the availability of materials. Charges will depend on the design.

I saw a design I liked a few days ago, and it appears to be sold already. Can you make another like it?  It will depend on the design and the materials used in the sold item.  Sometimes the accent piece is the last of it's kind, so it's safe say, I will attempt to make something like the original. I like all the designs to be one-of-a-kind as much as possible so that each set of earrings, or other jewelry designs are uniquely yours. 


First, I am really busy: working as an art instructor a few days a week takes up lots of my time. Second, I am like you, how much email is too much: more than once a week.  I send you emails for sales, new work, the change of season, or my favorite subjects. Not so much.  Please pass on the website to friends or family, I love that.  

MOST IMPORTANT:  I DO NOT SHARE MY EMAIL LIST WITH ANYONE, EVER. You are important to me and so is your privacy.  -Thank you!  Denise Ward