Unique Designs

All pieces are handcrafted, one-of-a-kind designs. Sketching the designs has always set the projects into motion. In drawing up the shapes and ideas, it is easier to create the jewelry.

I play in themes – Jellyfish, Mermaids, African Shields, Ginkgo motifs, Ganesha, Infinity, Asian gardens, Ndebele houses, mythical women of our times, and musical musings dedicated to artists appearing at SF Jazz Center. The favorite collection is an homage to artist Gustav Klimt called, "Gustav Klimt, I Love You", and new in 2018 SHEROES!, a group of designs dedicated to the women who lift me and keep me strong. 


Materials and Process

Working primarily in anodized aluminum and mixed materials, earrings are cut, formed, stamped and shaped into playful designs. Working my office (in good weather),  on our redwood deck, in a small town, in Northern California, is where you'll find me. We live in Haystack California. It is a lovely place, a little too close to the highway, but convenient since I enjoy ushering at SF Jazz Center.


I'm using hypoallergenic ear wires made of niobium wire, so even the most metal sensitive can wear my designs. I love my job, designing eclectic, colorful jewelry for women to wear. The jewelry is fun, full of interesting stories with symbols of clarity, intelligence and compassion, like the women who wear WardWorksArt.

2018, The Future Looks Bright!

"If you're any kind of artist, you make a miraculous journey, and you come back and make some statements in shapes and colors of where you were."
– Romare Bearden                                                                             

"What I dream is an art of balance".
– Henri Matisse                                  

"Color!  What a deep and mysterious language of dreams." 
– Paul Gauguin

Last night I dreamed of large color pieces moving, swirling and flowing.  The new year means new designs, a large moving series that I have practiced for months with students and now feel the need to create.  Considering the beautiful moments I will have in 2018 with a step away from jewelry and a jump into something I can imagine. Come on in, color your world!