Unique Designs

All pieces are handcrafted, one-of-a-kind designs.  I play in themes- Jelly Fish, Mermaids, African Shields, Ginkgo motifs, Ganesha, Infinity, Asian gardens, and musical musings dedicated to artists appearing at SF Jazz Center. The newest collection, an homage to artist Gustav Klimt called, "Gustav Klimt, I Love You", and new in 2017, The Surfers)

Sketching the designs has always set the projects into motion. In drawing up the shapes and ideas, it is easier to create the jewelry, once there is a visual form to flesh out.

Working primarily in anodized aluminum and mixed materials,earrings are cut, formed, stamped and shaped into playful designs. Working my office (in good weather),  on our redwood deck, in a small town, in Northern California is where you can find me. We live in  Haystack California. It is a lovely place, a little too close to the highway, but convenient since I enjoy ushering in the City at SF Jazz, and visiting the surrounding Bay Area. 

I'm using hypoallergenic ear wires made of niobium wire, so even the most metal sensitive can wear my designs. I love my job, designing eclectic, colorful jewelry for women to wear. The jewelry is fun, full of interesting stories with symbols of clarity, intelligence and compassion, like the people who wear WardWorksArt.

Come on in, color your world! 

Mma. Ramotswe Earrings


Denise Ward has been designing jewelry for over 25 years. Her work has been found in contemporary crafts galleries throughout the United States. Inspired by the jewelers of ancient designs, the work reflects jewelry from antiquity in a modern mood with bright colors and intriguing imagery.

Working in mixed media, prevalently anodized aluminum, Ward uses color as her design motif and adding glass, stones, hardware store jewels, polymer clay and wire.

At San Francisco State in the 90’s, Ward studied metal art jewelry with Dawn Nakanishi.

Mixing anodized aluminum with many materials, she creates new work on older themes in a series of colorful earrings, bracelets, pendants and necklaces.

Ward’s other interests are currently tied to jewelry and instruction at Cinnabar Charter Elementary School, Art Escape in Sonoma, Petaluma Arts Center, SantaRosa Jr. College and Napa Valley College Community Education and Spring Hill Montessori Academy.

“I have been working on a jewelry language through my earring designs for years. The work expresses my feelings about women today. We come from all walks of life, carrying with us our different tastes, heritages, ethnic backgrounds and yet, we are fundamentally the same, female. The jewelry celebrates the richness of female forms; beauty, strength, intelligence, humor, grace and especially, color. For all the times we need energy, infinite possibilities, or feeling- ‘the skies the limit’, I create this jewelry for the pleasure of the wearer. It was my love for color that brought out the need to create something fun and enjoyable for myself. I hope you will enjoy wearing my jewelry as much as I like making it."            -Denise Ward